We’re The Clock End…Highbury

The emotional connection you have, as a football fan, with those first memories are often hazed with rose coloured shades. However for me, it was more my connection to where I graduated to. I started on the North Bank, I guess like so many, but then moved up to the Clock End. And when you hear that song sung, I am one of the voices crying out “the Clock End, Highbury.


Now I am not quite old enough to remember the days of the picture above, but just when you look at the people standing there, imagine what it must have been like. This picture has three times the people from what it was like at the end with the seats. You may also notice no segregation, but maybe back then, you did not really have “away” fans. However when that part of the ground became the “home” of the away fans, it really became the home of those Arsenal fans that just love the banter. We were within spitting distance.

An Arsenal clock has famously graced Highbury for over 70 years. It was one of the many features of Highbury instigated by the great innovator Herbert Chapman, and the South Stand soon became known as The Clock End. The original clock at Highbury, provided supporters with a 45 minute count down, but the football association believed this undermined the match officials and the Club soon changed the clock to a conventional timepiece.

It was first positioned on the north stand, then known as the ‘Laundry End’ but it was eventually moved to the south stand then the ‘College End’ in 1935 when the North Bank was covered. Over the years it has become synonymous to that stand with most people now referring to ‘The Clock End’. The Clock, which was taken down from Highbury on July 27th 2006


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