I’ll tell you what I want, really really want

When I grow up, I wanna be Arseblog. Well to be fair, I don’t, but also to be fair, it is maybe the best blog about The Arsenal. My guess is it is certainly the most popular. The blog is in no way connected with Arsenal football club and I bet it started with just a bloke in his bedroom. But now it is an award winning blog and if you only ever read it as your one source of Arsenal news, you would be very up to date. So check out arseblog.com.

Other Arsenal blogs that are definitely worth a read include, goonernews.com, aclfarsenal.co.uk, justarsenal.com, arsenalblogger.com and arsenalarsenal.net. I am quite the fan of ACLFarsenal, it is a well written, interesting and I really believe that the person behind it is a true gunner.

Blogging of course is not a new thing, and for football clubs it was always a natural progression from the fanzine. Any idiot can set up a blog, even me. And so it was really easy for people to create a blog and post. However making them a success, either commercially as a lot of blogs are these days, or just popular, with good interaction I think I will find is a whole lot harder.

For me I want a blog that people will read. I am not setting out to have the most popular, or the one that has the most traffic. I am also not starting this will any commercial intention. This is just a hobby for me. It is something to do between games. I will have my own views and will freely express them. If others don’t like it, please feel free to comment. I believe in freedom of speech. If you are a fan of another club, even the mighty spuds, feel free to comment from beneath our shadow, I good with that.


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