The soundtrack to the club

The Away Boyz

One part of being a fan of The Arsenal, and I guess any club for that matter, is the way you show your love for the club. You buy the shirt, you go to the game, you get a tattoo, or you name your kids after players, you live Arsenal in so many different ways. And with the globalisation of football these days, fans across the world, maybe who will never step foot in N5, fans find more and more ways to show their loyalty. A part of being a fan is how you also enjoy the club you support.

On my music collection I have well over 200 tracks of music that are all Arsenal. Way back, the club itself would release tracks, usually when we reached the cup final. Some were, and I need to be nice here, absolutely tosh, they were so very bad. Some were okay. But for the Arsenal, we have never had a real anthem, there has never been that one song, not a short chant, but that one song that was really us. We don’t have one, but we really should. However that’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to highlight the joy I get from one element of celebrating my love of The Arsenal, and giving thanks to those that provide it. The Away Boyz are a group of Arsenal fans who for a number of years now have created the soundtrack to being an Arsenal fan. If you don’t know them, you can easily find them on YouTube. Sadly, for some reason, they are not available on iTunes, but you can get it all on YouTube. You can also follow them on Twitter: @theawayboyz, or Facebook:

I really wish that the club would commission them to write and create an Arsenal anthem, and original piece, something that is sung from the stands and heard the world over. When you think how the club talk of the Arsenalisation of the stadium, and you see the light show that has recently appeared, we must think of what football is about. Arsenal we need a song. And while I am on the subject, not about the players, or the manager, a song about the Arsenal, the club, the history etc.

Okay so small rant over, back to the subject. Wherever you are in the world, check out The Away Boyz, it is a great way to understand a host of elements about the club, the history, the rivalries, the banter, and so forth. And finally, just for the record, my all time favourite all time song is “Hey Dennis”, pure class just like the man himself. Check them out…………..


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